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The Montagu collection is an interpretation of Lady Mary Montagu’s travel to... 

Decolonize Your Wardrobe

We are a gender free, all inclusive brand, taking inspiration from definitive moments in history, mythology, and anthropology. Our clothes utilise minimal, feminist silhouettes with maximalist, evocative prints that offer a sense of balance to each garment.

About Maschiaccio
  • Frieze London With Maschiaccio

    We followed our way to the Frieze exhibit this year and it was a treat for our eyes and soul...

  • Prabhleen's Wonderland

    The milky offwhite of the Heavenly Bodies Coat made everything appear like a canvas, and the painted cherubs set the narrative for a whimsical piece.

  • Escape 01 with Joan Dominic

    Dwelling in the world of escapism and fantasy, with it’s realistic depictions of unreal features, has served many purposes including sensory appetites are often accompanied by allegorical devices and depicting inner emotions.

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