About Us

Welcome to the world of Maschiaccio.

Maschiaccio was born out of Founder and Creative Director Sana Bhatia’s passion to capture moments and stories through photographs, paintings, and poetry. Each piece of clothing tells a story of empowerment, with proclaiming layers of scrupulously transliterated hyperreality. We are a gender free, all inclusive brand, taking inspiration from definitive moments in history, mythology, and anthropology. Our clothes utilise minimal, feminist silhouettes with maximalist, evocative prints that offer a sense of balance to each garment.  As a brand, Maschiaccio aims to decolonize the mindset of societies and reintroduce the concept of Kama - the pursuit of passion, pleasures, aesthetics, and artistic thinking for a fulfilling and balanced life. 

We want to acknowledge and honour our queer ancestry and the history of cross dressing which were erased from our history - we want to break the stereotypes surrounding what a person should and shouldn’t wear. We like to call our clothes wearable art. Maschiaccio is a fantastical and ideal world, one we all want to escape to.