We spoke to creative director and visual artist Prabhleen Kaur, who is also the face behind @thesologirl about her creative process as she styled some pieces from the Ides of March collection. Prabhleen has a way of turning everyday objects into the most beautiful and unique work of art. There truly is beauty in the mundane and it is this very same line of thought that brought us together to work on this project. 

'The milky offwhite of the Heavenly Bodies Coat made everything appear like a canvas, and the painted cherubs set the narrative for a whimsical piece. Wearing it felt like a escape into the woods or an artist's studio.'


'The Servilia Set wore itself on me, it made the possibility of turning everything into a work of art, plausible.'


Prabhleen wears the Heavenly Bodies Coat and the Servilia Set from the Ides of March collection.


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